Egy kis Party mix …….:) Virtual DJ Skins-Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus & Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Hallgasd a Rádiónka ahl a legjobb Hands Up,Dance Trance,Elektro zenék mennek 0-24 óráig DJ Vangi…

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  1. downlaod skin link 

  2. oohhh yeah good 

  3. (y) nice work dude

  4. Killer mix dude! Nice!

  5. Our new album UKF Live is out now featuring this track and many more: 

  6. Need for Speed Rivals ♥

  7. There once was a centipede located in Rage Valley. I told my internet
    friends, and one of them sent me an EDM Death Machine. I then used it to
    destroy the centipede with lazers. I then gathered its exploded parts and
    threw them into the bonfire Then Lt. Lrad came to investigate. He was
    equipped with his Power Glove, so he was ready to face danger …a danger
    which lies within the Fire Hive. He then found an injured Internet Friend,
    and applied a Tourniquet to his leg. So, in Unison, they both Save The
    World by killing all enemies in an epic Knife Party. In the Apex of their
    killing spree, they killed a loud-ass enemy, who shouted for the Last Time.
    Then a girl came outta fuckin’ nowhere and said that she has a Crush On
    You. And so you all head towards the Haunted House in the sunset of Rage
    Valley for another great Knife Party against a Centipede horde that lies on
    a Bonfire. Perhaps you’ll also Destroy Them With Lazers. Lt. Robreth
    McSwire, codenamed “LRAD”, goes another way, lookin’ for his own lonewolf
    adventure. The end.

  8. Ričardas Petryla

    i love part from 1:31 :P

  9. Hold on just threw up a rainbow

  10. The1andonlyAbber

    Thumbs up if you agree

  11. No one will know bitches love cake

  12. Need For Speed Rivals brought me here

  13. this is the best music of knife party supreme dub thanks for this music

  14. 24001 IKEA MADAFACA!

  15. I was the 24,000th person to like this video. I feel so accomplished

  16. This reminds me of darude sandstorm 2:49

  17. EDM:
    for world: Electro Dance Music
    for KNIFE PARTY: Electro Death Machine

  18. knife party tells us what the future will hold here because excision warns
    us that the end is coming. if we’re the chosen few, nero welcomes us to our
    new life, but if we’re not, at least blood sugar will there to play us the
    sonic recreation of the end of the world

  19. This song makes me feel better :). Knife Party the best duo :D

  20. The “Go go go” shit in the background of the drop kills it :/

  21. Two things to say about this song:
    1) the future sounds depressing
    2) hello robots

  22. avengers 2: Age of ultron theme song… anybody?

  23. Avery Martinelli

    Ahhhhh, It Worked…

  24. what is the song at 2:63

  25. in the future nobody will drop bebes!!!!

  26. Say hello to the robots 

  27. The1andonlyAbber

    This song sounds like what would happen if every single villain from Doctor
    Who joined forces with Deadmau5 to enslave the planet

  28. daryl richardson

    to all bob posters,bob will be assassinated soon enough just wanted to say
    that calmly and to inform all,thank you.

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